Me holding flea uke with hug strapHug Strap in Black Wood Print - 3 parts next to Uke

The Hug Strap was invented because one day I accidentally sliced off the side of my left index finger using a rotary cutter to cut fabric.  Up until that day, I had been a guitar player, but the accident left me with decreased sensitivity which made playing a 6 stringed instrument difficult.  One depressingly cold winter, I bought a lavender ukulele in the hopes of entertaining my three year old.  I discovered that I could easily play a 4 stringed uke and became hooked.  5 ukulele purchases later, I desired a strap to help support the instrument so I could play up the neck without feeling like I was constantly bent over it.  After searching online and in stores, only able to find solutions that would either partially support the instrument or required the use of strap buttons which could potentially damage it, I decided to design my own.  After a few revisions, the Hug Strap was born.

The Hug Strap is unique because it is made from three separate pieces, allowing adjustment at both the headstock and and around the belt portion which means it can fit any size ukulele from the Soprano size through the Baritone and it can be adjusted to be placed anywhere on the body (up high or low depending on your body size and preference for how to wear your uke.)  It is handmade in the USA and comes in a variety of designer fabrics.  The Hug Strap currently works with any waisted ukulele, although a version of the Hug Strap meant for pineapple and curved ukes like the Magic Fluke Flea Ukulele is currently being designed.

Please feel free to contact me about custom fabrics, wholesale pricing, or with any other questions at thehugstrap@gmail.com.